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This site is a tribute to the best dressed man in the history of New York City (and possibly the world). 

Clyde is known for his unique sense of style and I plan to grade every suit he wears while broadcasting New York Knicks games on the MSG Network.


Grading System:

All suit grades are based solely on my own opinion. I know how fly Clyde can be and I grade him accordingly.

I always ask myself – “can anyone else on earth pull this off?” – if the answer is no, then the suit receives a high grade.

General Grading Guidelines:

A+ :     Perfection personified!

This grade is usually reserved for something extra special (example: Red Cow Suit)


A / A- :      Stylin and Profilin!

No one else on earth can pull off this look


B+ / B / B- :     Slicing and dicing!

This ensemble is above average and close to legendary


C+ / C / C- :     Disappointing and disjointing!

While this may be fly for some, this look is average at best for the Living Legend


D+ / D / D- :      Egregious blunder!

A below average look that almost any mere mortal can pull off


F:      Mauling and appalling!

This is extremely rare, but has happened once or twice


Bonus Points:

Clyde’s pants and shoes are rarely shown on TV by the MSG Network. If pictures of Clyde’s pants or shoes surface online – I will adjust my grade based on the flyness of both items.


Repeat Policy:

I deduct points if Clyde wears the same item of clothing more than once per season.

I deduct even more points for what I call a “complete repeat”. Complete repeats are when Clyde wears the exact same outfit for the second or even third time in the same season.

Repeat violations reset at the beginning of each new season.


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