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Game #1: Knicks vs. Bucks – 10.30.13

Game #1: Knicks vs. Bucks - 10.30.13

10/30/13 – New York Knicks vs. Milwaukee Bucks

Welcome to another season of New York Knicks basketball.

I am sure we will all be very sad by June – but for now lets enjoy Clyde’s amazing sense of style.

I had high hopes for Clyde’s opening night suit. He really seemed to step it up last season and I was expecting something with a little flash.

Clyde kept it cool with a baby blue jacket, a shiny pink shirt and a matching tie/handkerchief combo.

I realize that Clyde probably won’t ever top his “Cow Suit” from last season, but I was expecting a lot more for the home opener.

Suit:     Baby Blue
Shirt:   Pink
Tie:      Pink with a pattern

My Grade: D

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