Clyde So Fly

Game #82: Knicks @ Pacers – 4.12.16


It’s the Zoo Part Two!

4/12/16 – Knicks @ Indiana Pacers 

It’s the last game of the year and one thing remains clear – Clyde is the Flyest Man Alive!

The Living Legend looks as sharp as a knife for tonight’s final game against the Pacers at Bankers Life!

Clyde is the coolest cat in the jungle with this fly multi animal print ensemble!

Repeat alert: Clyde wore this suit at The Garden for Game #35 against the Hawks. This suit is way too fly for any kind of repeat downgrade. No point deduction! This is an automatic A+ every time!

That’ll do it folks! It’s now game 82 and I bid you adieu! It’s been a lot of fun, but I’m glad this inexplicable and despicable season is finally finished!

I will definitely be back next year with more flyness.

Suit: The Zoo
Shirt: White
Tie: Gold

Bonus points for the fly white shoes not shown on TV

Grade: A+


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