Clyde So Fly

Preseason #2: Knicks vs. Nets – 10.8.16

10/8/16 – Knicks vs. Brooklyn Nets 

Percolating in paisley!


Clyde had 14 new suits made for the 2016 – 2017 season! 14!!

Walt Clyde Frazier Puma Rolls Royce 2016

Check out Clyde’s interview with where he talks about fashion, basketball and life.

Here’s a taste:

What’s the one thing your most excited to wear this Fall? Have you purchased any new threads?
I have a batch of suits at Mohan’s, which is my tailor [in New York City.] I have 14 suits that should be done now. These are ones I designed—I got the fabrics, I picked the cuts, some of them have a shawl collar, others a peak collar, some are two-button fronts…I have kind of a tuxedo-type front, like kind of spread out in the front rather than coming together. I’m curious to see how those suits turned out, man. I had some greens and all different types of colors.

I’m delighted and excited to see what the Living Legend has in store for us mere fashion mortals!

Suit: Maroon and Purple Paisley 
Shirt: Orange 
Tie: Blue and Orange Stripes 

Bonus points for the orange pants, shoes and briefcase not shown on TV.  

Grade: A



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