Clyde So Fly

Game #10: Knicks vs. Mavericks – 11.14.16

Walt Clyde Frazier Clyde So Fly

11/14/16 – Knicks vs. Dallas Mavericks

Clyde’s suit is shrewd, clever, slick for tonight’s game against the Mavericks!

Repeat Alert! The Living Legend wore this suit for Preseason Game #3 against the Wizards. While I normally do not deduct points for pre-season repeats, this particular violation came way too early in the season.

The shirt and tie are fly, and I like the addition of the matching vest – so there is only a slight point deduction this time around. This ensemble is more of a borderline A- without repeat penalty.

Suit: Light Green
Vest: Light Green
Shirt: Pink
Tie: Green and Pink

Grade: B+








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