Clyde So Fly

Game #19: Knicks vs. Timberwolves – 12.2.16

Walt Clyde Frazier Clyde So Fly

12/2/16 – Knicks vs. Minnesota Timberwolves

The Living Legend excites and delights for tonight’s rematch between the two young neophytes!

Clyde’s new shirt is so fly that it almost catapulted this look into A+ territory.

Suit: The Matrix
Shirt: Multi-Colored with a Black Collar
Tie: Black with Green, Pink, Blue and Yellow Stripes

Bonus points for the matching turquoise pants and shoes not shown on TV.

Photo Credit: Jill Martin ( @JillMartin )

Photo Credit: Jill Martin ( @jillmartin )


Grade: A+



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