Clyde So Fly

Game #23: Knicks @ Kings – 12.9.16

Walt Clyde Frazier Clyde So Fly

12/9/16 – Knicks @ Sacramento Kings

It’s a shame I must proclaim that Clyde’s blue suit is tame and lame for tonight’s west coast game!

This look is average at best for the Living Legend. That tie is extra fly, but any mere mortal can pull off a navy blue suit.

Clyde said that he likes to “pack light and carry might”. I hope he has something much more fly packed away in his bag of tricks the remainder of this west coast trip!

Suit: Navy Blue
Shirt: Navy Blue
Tie: Black with Green, Yellow, Purple and Red Dots

Bonus points for the fly black and gray argyle patterned shoes not shown on TV.

Grade:  C+




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