Clyde So Fly

Game #67: Knicks @ Timberwolves – 3.10.19

3/10/19 – Knicks @ Minnesota Timberwolves 

Feline quickness, canine attitude! 🐆

I hope Clyde is the only Knick with the knack for tonight’s game against the Wolves on a back to back!

🚨 Repeat Alert! 🚨 Clyde wore this cheetah suit for Game #28 against the Hornets on 12/9/18. I usually deduct points for a repeat, but this one just too fly!

Suit: Cheetah
Shirt: White with subtle flames
Tie: Cheetah

Grade: A+

A big thank you to Kenny Albert and The Living Legend for another shoutout during tonight’s broadcast. Bonus points for Rebecca Haarlow’s twinning and winning!



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