Clyde So Fly

2020-2021 Season

Welcome back to another season of legendary flyness!

Last season was an egregious blunder, but at least the Living Legend was there to ease our pain with some fly ensembles.

2019-20 was a short season, but Clyde still managed to drip harder than other any person on earth. Below are some of the highlights from last year.

My Favorite Fly Fits of the 2019-20 Season: 


10/23/2019 – Game #1

11/12/2019 – Game #11

11/16/2019 – Game #13

1/1/2020 – Game #34

1/12/2020 – Game #39

1/22/2020 – Game #45

1/26/2020 – Game #47

2/9/2020 – Game #54

2/29/2020 – Game #60



Was your favorite suit on my list? Let me know on Instagram or Twitter if I made an egregious blunder:

Follow @clydesofly on Instagram!

Follow @clydesofly on Instagram!

Follow @clydesofly10 on Twitter!

Follow @clydesofly10 on Twitter!





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