Clyde So Fly

Game #82: Knicks vs. Pistons – 4.15.15


4/15/15 – Knicks vs. Detroit Pistons

It is the last game of the year and one thing remains clear – Clyde is the Flyest Man Alive!

I had the great pleasure of meeting the Living Legend before the game. He made sure to let me know that his briefcase is Gator and his shoes are Python. 

It’s been a great season for flyness and I would like to thank everyone for all your support. I will be back at it again next season and I may even do some posts from the summer league games. Stay fly New York!

Suit: Cream
Shirt: Brown
Tie: Cream with Brown Stripes

Bonus points for the Gator briefcase and the Python shoes!

Grade: A




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